& IMBRA is fully compliant with the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA), a US federal law which regulates U.S. based International Marriage Brokers (IMBs).

IMBRA's primary focus is the regulation of IMBs and their assistance with introductions, relationships, marriages and particularly the exchange of information between American citizens and foreign nationals.

The Federal statute forbids direct dissemination or facilitation by an IMB of personal information using any of its services based on speech or other forms of communication. This includes's E-mail service, Live Chat or other service where the assistance of a translator is used.

In order to safeguard the community and help abide by IMBRA, requests that all members using its services refrain from the exchange of personal contact details when communicating with ladies. When you are ready to travel to the lady's country and meet her in person, then you will purchase an In-Person Get Together service. At that point, you will fill out the IMBRA background form. This form will be presented to the lady for her signature. When you travel to the lady's country and she has signed your IMBRA form can personal information be exchanged.

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