Frequently-asked Questions

What type of site is and how do I use it?
How much do credits cost?
What can I say to the ladies in the letters, chat room, or videos?
Why does this ****** appear in my chat screen?
Is contact information allowed on profile, or letters, or chat messages?
How do I meet the lady?
Can the lady travel to meet me in the US?
What happens after you meet the lady?
What if the lady asks me for money?
The name of your site says fantasy; how do I know the ladies are real?
Are the ladies paid or paying to be on the site?
The ladies are beautiful; do they look like that in real life?
What type of photos can I upload to my profile?
My lady has disappeared from the site?
What are presentation letters?
I received a presentation letter from a woman I am already writing.
I got logged off from the site when I was trying to write a long letter.
Where did my unopened letters go?
How do I stop receiving letters?
I haven't received a reply yet from a lady I wrote to?
I'm having a hard time logging in?
My photos won't upload!
How do I delete my profile?
Do I pay a membership fee?
Is it safe to pay for the service online?
Someone stole my credit card information and used it on this site.
My credit card was not accepted.
My order was successful, but I didn't receive my credits.
Does have a compatible site for cell phones?
I'm ready to create my profile
I need to edit my profile

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