Watch Asian Women Videos

A number of our Asian women have made videos for your enjoyment and to encourage you to chat with them and write them.

Click the photo to go to the Asian Woman's profile. Her video is on the profile. After 30 seconds of viewing you will be charged 5 credits to continue to watch that Asian Woman's video.

Below are lovely Asian women from Cebu Philippines.

JoanFB000109 MichilleFB00010 Ellyne0155 Leizel0156 CristinaFB00061 Analie0157 Eljen0133 CharieJoy0131 RosevicFB0005 Myrna0128 Quennie0130 Robelyn0132 Mia0124 MariaLuisa0129 GenevaJoyFB000101 Marijoy0134 Melit0137 JocieMae0138 Analiza0139 Amy0136 MaGenna0140 Cecil0141 Jonalyn0135 Jocelyn0142 Jennifer0144 Gliezel0143 MerlitaFB0006 JaniceMae0147 Kris0145 Elgine0148 Maribel0146 Ennelyn0150 MaRecella0149 Maricel0151 ReginaFB00089 Riza0114 MaryKristieFB00099 MarilynFB000112 AnalizaFB00078 Adory0118 AdeleneFB00071 AliceFB00086 AngelynFB000102 Arcijean0115 CharisseMaeFB00041 CharityFB00073 CharmaineFB000108 ChriseldaFB00088 CherryFB00063 ChriselFB00037 ClaudetteFB00034 ClarizaFB00080 EthelFB00074 EvelynFB00096 FaralynFB00070 GraceFB00084 Glenalyn0116 GuinevereFB00076 GenevieveFB00044 Halle0113 HazelFB00067 HazelmarFB00053 CharityFB00048 HoneyRoseFB0027 JovelynFB00031 JiekzelJeanFB00019 MaricelFB00015 MaryAnneFB00013 MaricelFB00026 JenniferFB00020 MarjorieFB00014 MarieJeanFB00012 NoraFB00011 MichilleFB00010 LeslieFB0004 LilebethFB0007 MerlitaFB0006 RenselFB0008 JellyJoyFB00018 MaeFB00024 CherylGraceFB00028 AimeeFB00045 BonessaFB00025