Dating Chinese Women

What is it about Chinese women? You see all the news about the economic success in China. But something even more important to you that doesn't get all the headlines is the fact that you have the opportunity to date beautiful women in China.

Why date Chinese women? When you watch Western TV, what type of women do you see? A lot of the women are beautiful, but a substantial portion are pushy, demanding and in general make unpleasant company. Of course, this can be considered acting for TV, but that type of behavior does bleed over into the general culture. If you want something different than the above scenario, then consider dating Chinese women. Asian ladies in general are more calm, faithful, and loving; not to mention feminine. As you well know, all these traits enthrall Western men and they fall completely in love with a woman in China who has these characteristics.

But the most important factor regarding theirs and your future happiness is that they are more serious about marriage. And when they decide to marry, they make every effort to make the marriage stable and a success. Chinese women are not ladies who make flights of fancy, or are just waiting for the better deal. When they choose a man for a life partner, that choice is made with all the seriousness that a decision like that requires.

Chinese women also make excellent life partners for older men also, and by a large majority keep their youthful appearance, beauty, and figure as they grown older. Many Chinese who are 50 can be mistaken for 30. And with all Asian women, they are comfortable with their husband being 20 years older or more. They are also very interesting in meeting foreign men to establish relationships with that will leave to marriage.

A great city to meet Chinese women is Shenzhen. Of all the major cities of the world, Shenzhen is one of the youngest. A mere 35 years ago, it was a fishing village. At that time it was declared an economic zone and grew extremely rapidly. There are lots of things to visit there. If you like general theme parks, you and your Chinese date should head to Splendid China Park and China Folk Culture Village. You will learn a lot about China. A more International Park is Window of the World and there you will view replicas of the world's scenic wonders and monuments.

Located in the interior of the country, Chongqing is a city of 7 million and filled with beautiful single Chinese girls. There are lots of places to take them such as: Arhat Temple, Chongqing Zoo, and Three Gorges Museum.

Both cities are great places to find your Chinese woman. Your marriage opportunity is in China. Don't miss it!

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